Which Kind of soda do you like the most?


My rezults for my favorite kind of soda poll

My poll rezults showed that out of 18 vote people perfered  mt. dew and cream soda.  Even though that mt. dew and cream soda won they did not win by far.  Out of 11 options cocacola, 7 up and my other button did not get any votes.  I did expect crean soda and mt. dew to win but I though dr. pepper, root beer, and cocacola to do better.  I also though orange and grape would not to do as well.  My poll was not very accurate because of lack of votes.  You can still vote on my poll.

My Head Incidents

My first head incident was in third grade on Halloween Day.  In my elementary school we had an extra recess.  Just outside my classroom door there was a two foot wall.  On my way out the door, I tried to jump over the wall.  I did not make it.  I face planted on the black top.  I scraped my head really bad.  So bad, that I had no skin left on my forehead.  I was so mad that I had to miss my extra recess because I had to go get cleaned up.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad…I didn’t need a mask to go trick or treating.

My second head injury happened on the night before the last day of fifth grade.  It was time for bed and I had a lot of energy.  I thought my pillow was behind me and I threw my body backwards on my bed.  Only my pillow was not there and I hit my head on the wooden frame of my bed.  My head hurt a lot.  I showed it to my mom and dad.  When they felt my skull, they realized it was caved in.  I had to go to the emergency room.  They rushed me back immediately due to the fact that I had nausea and my vision was blurry.  Everything turned out to be okay, except I had a huge headache and a permanently dented in skull.